Frequently asked questions

Who is GYLD?
GYLD is a new-generation agency helping video game developers on their quest to obtain better publishing and investment deals. We are a team of highly experienced agents, financial advisors, business analysts, game developers, producers, UX designers, project managers, and legal advisors.
What does GYLD do?
We secure investment and publishing deals for video game developers - all on a ‘No win, no fee’ basis. We also help to create comprehensive production schedules, budgets, design documents, corporate documents, business processes, and resource plans. Then we lead publisher and investor outreach, match developers with the best partnership opportunities, and represent them through the contractual proceedings.
Why did you start GYLD?
We believe the world needs great games. To make a great game, developers need money. To make a game successful, developers often need the help of a publisher.

But the world of publishing has a very steep learning curve, and developers have little access to affordable representation and business support to help them to navigate this field. Traditional agency and consultancy models are outdated, expensive, and, quite frankly, not very indie-friendly.

There are few industry standards across publishing contracts, territory-specific laws, IP acquisition trigger points, access to source code, recoupable vs non-recoupable costs - It’s a tall order for developers to understand the obligations and implications of these provisions, especially without spending thousands of dollars on legal advice.

We founded GYLD to address this. With diligent representation and expert knowledge, we equip developers with the tools and business support they need to party up for their venture ahead.
How much does GYLD cost?
To address the industry’s lack of affordable representation, GYLD specifically operates on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

Our model consists of two simple fees:
1) We add a small percentage on top of the total funding amount that you’re seeking.
2) Once your game releases, we share in a super tiny percentage of the game’s revenue for a limited period of time.

These fees only apply once we successfully get you funding - if we don’t get you a deal, then you don’t pay a cent! We pride ourselves on delivering a million dollar service, and work tirelessly to get you the best possible deal. Otherwise we don’t get paid.
Do publishers like GYLD?
Let’s ask them! (505/Modern Wolf testimonials)

Even though we represent developers, publishers and investors get an immense amount of value out of our services, as we deliver them high quality curated content on a silver platter, making their due diligence process significantly easier, allowing them to sign a game or invest in the studio in a fraction of the standard time. We are their first layer of quality assurance to assess the commercial viability of a game.
Why we created Gyld, and our value to the industry:
- Developers typically start a studio because they simply want to make video games - the studio is often a byproduct of that venture. As a result, it’s common for studio founders to forget (or not even realise) that implementing good business practices is essential to the sustainability and longevity of their studio and game-making career.

- As well as being rangers, we see ourselves as match-makers. We tailor our outreach to publishers and investors based on each party’s requirements, offerings, company culture, interests, and strategies, to create the best opportunities for successful, long-lasting working relationships. With the experience of working on more than 200 video game deals, we’ve developed our intuition and skills for facilitating video game business partnerships.

- People thought we were crazy to start a new business during covid, but we saw an opportunity as the game industry underwent a metamorphosis in the way it conducts business. We exceeded in bringing value to developers and publishers who could no longer travel to conferences. We’ve made it cheaper, easier, and more assured to create successful partnerships between developers and publishers/investors with our model.

- Testament to our team’s abilities, we’ve been exceedingly fast at securing our clients fantastic publishing partnerships, with offers coming in less than 24 hours after initial contact with the publisher.

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