We’re not scouts.
We’re rangers.

There are many paths on the journey to greatness. We’ll chart the course and guide you on your quest to obtain better publishing and investment deals.

Focus on crafting your masterpiece. We’ll lead the charge and carry the banner for your game and studio. Don’t pay expensive retainers. We’re dedicated to your party’s success by honouring a creed of ‘No Win, No Fee’.

How we can help

Publishing Deals

Form an alliance with the right publisher to achieve victory.
  • Determine your game’s unique development needs
  • Refine your production schedule and budget
  • Craft and perfect your pitch materials
  • Match you with ideal publishing partners
  • Negotiate for better deal terms
  • Review publishing contracts with our global legal team

Game Development Funding

Fill your treasury to craft your masterpiece.
  • Determine your game’s unique development needs
  • Develop a comprehensive production budget
  • Create pitch, marketing, and production materials
  • Source and secure production funding
  • Review and negotiate contracts
  • Provide counsel and support through to release

Studio Investment

Partner with benefactors to expand your keep.
  • Determine your studio’s needs for growth
  • Review and implement corporate structures
  • Optimise and enhance business operations
  • Develop pitch materials for courting investors
  • Lead investment and fundraising outreach
  • Review and negotiate contracts
  • Provide ongoing business support
  • "GYLD is a fantastic team to work with. Their advice on everything from focusing on the copy of a deck to dissecting the details of a contract to signing it was invaluable."

    Joseph Williams
    CEO of Whalenought Studios
  • "Working with GYLD has been a great experience. They were very thorough with the publishing terms, and we got a better deal thanks to them."

    Léonardo Montes
    CEO Fugue Interactive
  • "We now work with an amazing publisher that perfectly fits with our company values and Red Solstice 2 as a project. I highly recommend working with GYLD."

    Hrvoje Horvatek
    CEO, Ironward
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